Ignis Pixel BubblePoi 16 with Pixel Knobs 5

Premier poi LED de pixel sphérique et bouton de pixel. Par leur forme, leur poids et leur taille, ils sont identiques à ceux auxquels vous vous habituez. Se transforme en balles de jonglage / jonglage de contact. Comprend des boutons de pixels.

Ignis Pixel BubblePoi 16 with Pixel Knobs 5
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Assortiment comprend
First pixel LED poi in round shape that you are so familiar with
These poi are almost identical to your contact poi you get used to spinning and juggling
Ideal material
Even softer than your silicone practice poi. Material of BubblePoi allows to do all contact tricks that you already know. At the same time, they are extremely strong and child-friendly.
Owing to a system of inner channels with surficial distribution of weights, dynamics of these poi is almost identical to your practice contact poi.
Ignis Pixel BubblePoi 16 with Pixel Knobs 5 Owing to a system of inner channels with surficial distribut...
Usual size and weight
Standard diameter 96 mm (3.78 inches). Weight can be adjusted from 140 g. (5 oz.) for delicate girls to 200 g. (7 oz.) for seasoned fighters.
Total glowing
Three rows of LEDs from butt to top with no dead zones. The number of LEDs and brightness is 50% more than those of JellyPoi.
Why do we use 3D printing?
Why do we use 3D printing?

The case with surficial channels for LEDs and weights is impossible to create by traditional methods of industrial manufacturing – injection molding. The only way to get such geometry is additive technologies or 3D-printing.

Even Elon Musk uses additive technologies (metal 3D-printing) in his rocket engine SuperDraco for Crew Dragon spaceship to create a complex system of rocket chamber cooling inner channels, because otherwise it’s impossible to make this kind of structure.

What else?
Powerful battery
Big battery with capacity 2600 mAh provides 2 times longer light time as compared to JellyPoi.
Average working time – 6 hours
In full white mode – 1 hour
On low brightness – up to 15 hours.
New soft cord
We use soft but nonstretching cord according to recommendations of top poi-spinners. It has special round braiding with diameter 8 mm.
Réglages faciles à utiliser
Fast setting of brightness from one button without a mobile App allows to set an super bright “eye-burning mode” for instant performance or considerably extend light time for long practice.
Capteur de mouvement
(in Smart and Ultimate version)

Stabilisateur intégré

Tournez lentement, tournez rapidement – une image dans l’air restera de la même taille et de la même position

Training statistics in the mobile app: the time of using props, the number of turns, throws, falls, calories spent, etc., made during the entire time working with your poi

Stabilisateur intégré Stabilisateur intégré
Rotation lente
Stabilisateur intégré Stabilisateur intégré
Rotation rapide
It turned out cooler than we expected.
From the poi to the ball! Detach the cord and your poi turn into super-bright balls! They are cool to juggle, throw, get your children busy for a couple of hours, and even play mini-soccer! In practice, it turned out even funnier than we expected!

In conclusion…

Pixel Double Staff

We endowed the Smart version of BubblePoi with static spin stabilization magic power to give you more fun. Rotate the poi around its axis and magic will happen – you will see a picture on the surface of the ball.

(In Ultimate version with ceramic ball bearings spin time to stop is around 5 minutes!)

BubblePoi with Pixel Knobs feature set
Basic Smart Ultimate
Detachable cord
Black braided nylon cord 7mm Soft braided non-springy white cord 8mm Soft braided non-springy white cord 8mm
Upload pictures support via application
Yes Yes Yes
Training statistics support via application
No Yes Yes
Image stabilization option
No Yes Yes
Static spin stabilization, time of rotation till full stop
No up to 30 seconds up to 5 minutes
Swivel inside the knob
No Steel ball bearing Corrode resistant ceramic bearing
Swivel inside the poi
No Steel ball bearing Corrode resistant ceramic bearing
Detachable cord, kinder ball/juggling ball/contact juggling functionality
Yes Yes Yes
BubblePoi battery capacity
2600 mAh 2600 mAh 3500 mAh
Average light time on 50% brightness
~14 h ~14 h ~18 h
Pixel Knob battery capacity
380 mAh 380 mAh 380 mAh
Average light time on 50% brightness
~4 h ~4 h ~4 h
Price for set of 2 pois with 2 Pixel Knobs (contact with us to order 1 or 3 pois)
359 USD
499 USD
599 USD
Customer questions & answers
What about warranty?

We give 2 years warranty for all models, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. If there is something wrong with your props, please get in touch with our support team by email: support@ignispixel.com

Can I use a mobile phone to operate the device by Bluetooth?

Ignis Pixel mobile application is available for JellyPoi, Fans, Buugengs. Operation is carried out through Bluetooth.

How to film amazing videos with Ignis Pixel props?
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