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How durable are they?

Ignis props are strong enough to survive occasional drops and impacts. However, bear in mind that this is a technically complex device. Be careful with it and use training dummies for practice. It will help to make the life of your pixel equipment much longer.

What about warranty?

We give 2 years warranty for all models, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. If there is something wrong with your props, please get in touch with our support team by email: support@ignispixel.com

How much time they can work without charging?

The time of working without charging varies from 1,5 to 8 hours and depends on a number of factors: a model of product, battery power, brightness, pictures (the more white light on a picture, the more energy that picture consumes). Anyway, even in the least economical mode the device works much more than the time of an average performance on scene.

Can I transform poi into a staff/nunchaku?

All models are convertible. Short poi (32Tech, 48Lite, 80HD Tech) can be used a nunchaku, just change the loop. Attach poi to a staff connector and you get a staff. 

Can I upload my own pictures?

All Ignis props are programmable; you can upload any pictures into them, all graphic files: jpeg, bmp, png, etc. For your comfort, we have a pack of designed pictures that you can get from our download section on the website, and those pictures look really good.



Can I upload video or gif-files into Ignis props?

You can upload a .gif file, but it will be static. Operation principle of pixel props is based on displaying of an image as a succession of rows per unit of time, unlike video that consists of definite number of frames per unit of time. That is why any animation doesn’t work for pixel props where LEDs are placed in a row. You can make a static picture in the air that can be changed by another static picture. 

I want to upload my text/logo. How can I do this? How can I make it clearly visible?

You can upload into the device any picture, any graphic file, any text or word. You can do it as a picture, or use a built-in text editor inside Ignis Utility. To make the text look better, shift its upper edge to the upper pixels, because they have wider amplitude when you spin them, and your text will be clearly visible.

Can I use a mobile phone to operate the device by Bluetooth?

Ignis Pixel mobile application is available for JellyPoi, Fans, Buugengs. Operation is carried out through Bluetooth.

Can Ignis be synchronized with music?

You can upload a music file into the Software and make your project of pictures in accordance with it.

What is the difference between Staff Basic and Staff PRO?

Both types are threaded. The difference is that Basic version is made of hard plastic, and PRO version is made of aluminum. Anyway, both types are reliable and allow you to turn poi into a staff and vice versa in seconds.

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